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Very Slow performance in Jdeveloper

April 22nd, 2007 by Rajender Singh · 1 Comment

We’re getting increasingly poor performance in Jdeveloper.

Expanding a project after 5 minutes of starting JDeveloper takes a long time, opening any file or opening file in JSF editor causes the CPU usage spike to 100% for around 1 minute , and changing a property in the JSF editor takes about more than 10 seconds.

So I tried to investigate what exactly causing this and tried to check whether anybody else also experiencing same prooblem.

I found some hint in oracle forum in thread no 1723266.

Here Sandra Muller from Oracle’s JHeadstart Team suggested to do following step everytime one is starting JDeveloper.

* Before starting JDeveloper, edit the web.xml file and comment out the entry

* Open JDeveloper and open the ViewController project before you put back the CONFIG_FILES parameter in web.xml.

* Use PC’s with 2GB internal memory

* Use the JDeveloper extension KeepResident (Check for Updates, Partner extensions)

* Configure the JDeveloper Preferences to open files in the Source editor by default (Tools – Preferences – File Types, tab Default Editors)

I have yet to check this out, but the thread suggests some positive results.

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  • 1 mahesh // Aug 27, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    i am working on oracle jdeveloper and i need ur help sir

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