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Upgrading Forms 10g R1 to Oracle 11g R1 – Day 3

June 12th, 2010 by Rajender Singh · No Comments

Still trying to optimize my installation for server and the developer machine…so will come with final steps later in my blog…

BTW while upgrading my PLL Libraries, I come across following problem.

I opened the forms builder, connect to the database and then I compiled my menus – No Problem

I open the PLL library suddenly form builder 11g crashed.. I couldn’t belive so try again and again it crash.

I went back to my forms 10g builder, convert the pll library to text format.

Then I convert this text file to PLL in forms 11g builder , although it showed some errors but still I got the output PLL.

See the following screen-shots related to it.

Assume I have already convert the PLL from binary to Text in same as I am converting the text to binary…

Now I am in Form Builder 11g and already connected the DB.

Choose my Bizwiz.pld (text conversion of my Bizwiz.PLL)



Result: Following is my output when I open my converted PLL file in Oracle Forms 11g


Following is output from my original pll when opened in Oracle Forms 11g


As we can see above, When I checked the PLL file coding, I saw many procedure missing and more than that one of the package having only half of the coding … :( shocked..

So I manually need to copy those procedure and packages.. lucky our current PLL is not so huge so can survive…..

But not satisfy with what I did, I google about it and got to know that lot of people having same problem and overcome it in some what same way…

Opening it in Forms 10g and then again in Forms 11g, like I did converting it into text format in 10g and then again converting it back to binary in 11g..and so on…..

Then I check in metalink and got to know that this is a bug recognize by Oracle… so cannot do anything ourself and can only wait for the patch from Oracle… :(

But I got little bit pissed off .. that after original release of, oracle has two more release i.e. and respectively, and still this bug exist :(


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