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Understanding Oracle Release Number Format

December 5th, 2006 by Rajender Singh · 3 Comments

While wandering in the web jungle I came across this note, which I decided to put online as I think it is sort of important info which every person working with Oracle technology should know and will be interested to know.

What exactly the significant of digit is in bold in each release?


1st Digit: “10” is a major database release number.

2nd Digit: “2” is the database maintenance release number.

3rd Digit: “0” is the application server release number.

4th Digit: “2” identifies a release level specific to a component.

5th Digit: “0” identifies a platform specific release.

To check the Oracle version from the SQL*Plus prompt, issue following sql:

SELECT banner
FROM v$version
WHERE banner LIKE ‘Oracle%’;


SELECT version
FROM product_component_version
WHERE product LIKE ‘Oracle%’;

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